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10 Bridesmaids Annoying Things Shockingly You Did One Of These Things!

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If you thought you had chosen your best friends to be your bridesmaids and nothing could go wrong on your wedding day with them by your side, it is time to think again! Bridesmaids have the uncanny knack of annoying brides with their activities. Here is how they can irritate you a lot:




1. Unable to reach them

Wedding. Angry woman fury bride talking on phone

When you are trying to call your bridesmaids to discuss some plans for your wedding and coordinate for the same, they never pick up your call, and that can annoy you limitlessly.

2. Unhappy about the costume

Woman in wardrobe

If you have done your best to choose the best costume for them, and still they complain and make unreasonable demands about the same, your bridesmaids can get on your nerves.




3. Cold war with their colleagues

two women back to back putting hands in air looking up in frustr

The last thing that you want on your wedding day is for your bridesmaids to be unhappy with each other. If your bridesmaids don’t get along with each other, it can create lots of problems for you.

4. Backbiting about the bride

Gossip girls criticizing another woman

When you know that your bridesmaids have been talking behind your back and have been commenting on your wedding decisions, it can hurt and annoy you greatly.



5. Not organising things

Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

When your bridesmaids scatter their clothes and accessories everywhere and are very disorganised, it can add on to the stress and trouble that you are already experiencing at your wedding.




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7 Responses to 10 Bridesmaids Annoying Things Shockingly You Did One Of These Things!

  1. peacock ngozi says:

    can’t wait to be a bride and in fact, get married with all of these great stuffs that i see on this blog. your hard work is highly appreciated. thanks

  2. bucky says:

    not happy that you are bringing this old shit back to my remembrance. anyways, i would concur that i was not too mature then. thanks for sharing too

  3. angelina says:

    lmao. now that am not yet married or even planning of getting married soon. sure i would do some of these

  4. amber bitters says:

    not in our own time. you would literary expect immature girls of nowadays to do any of this rubbish

  5. anjelica tina says:

    everything you’ve mentioned are true but now all women are guilty of any. am not guilty of any okay.

  6. homley says:

    okay, you just revealed my secret. once did the backbiting thing. love the way you write. thanks

  7. linda tablitab says:

    so fucking true. i was unhappy about my costume and it toke me long hours before i finally settled for one

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