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12 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Is More Enjoyable For Your Guest

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Your wedding day is the most important day in your life. You may look forward with lots of excitement and anxiety. However, the same need not be the case with your guests. Speeches and ceremonies can make the function boring for them at times. So how do you ensure that your wedding is boring for them? Twelve entertaining ideas are given below:




1. Take care of the kids


Kids are the ones who find your wedding most boring. So, take care of them by organizing games and activities for them, so that they are kept busy throughout your function.

2. Modern ceremony


Keep your ceremony modern by keeping traditions aside. Nobody would be interested in sitting through long rituals and speeches. Make it fun, modern and stylish so that it engrosses your guests’ attention.




3. Long dinners


You can skip the ritual family dinners if you think that it is quite a boring tradition. Instead, you can bring local food stations to your venue and have interesting buffet options to make it more entertaining.

4. Innovative speeches

Bride and groom watch the video of his wedding

Cut the traditional long speeches that you read out from the papers and make it innovative by adding presentations, audio, video and animations so that everybody enjoys it to the core.



5. Innovations to the bar

Waitress with dish of champagne and wine glasses

It is not mandatory that you should serve only cocktails at your wedding. Have a bar that serves that all kinds of drinks (within the limit, of course!) so that guests can enjoy what they like the most.




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7 Responses to 12 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Is More Enjoyable For Your Guest

  1. bonks alex says:

    so true. a combination of a modern ceremony and long dinners would help out. it worked for me!

  2. chase says:

    dance, food, great speeches and a little bit of romance could help. just my opinion tho

  3. devon friday says:

    take care of the kids by giving them enough food. that’s all

  4. hanna1 says:

    yeah. i recognize the power of innovative speeches. it really helped my wedding. if you’re not good at it, just be yourself and remember that your wedding is your DAY

  5. junior says:

    haha. how on earth would you say that wedding day is the most important day of one’s life?

  6. christopher says:

    I think good weeding is all about FOOD. food must be surplus.

  7. chioma chinemere says:

    okay, if you are the shy and boring type (couples), try as much as you can to pretend. your guest need lively couples

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